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Advances in data storage and processing enable the national security community to address threats. The concentration of high-risk material, however, presents itself as a prime target for cyber and intelligence warfare. Panelists will share their views on how big data tools are prepared – or otherwise unprepared – to address future security challenges, as well as where and how they may make the biggest impacts.

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The global balance of power is shifting, and this redistribution holds the potential to recalibrate intelligence priorities and partnerships. These uncertainties come as the world faces threats that demand increased global cooperation, such as the rise of transnational non-state actors and volatile rogue states. Panelists will discuss how they anticipate the United States, its allies, and its adversaries may reorient their intelligence sharing policies in response to oncoming global shifts in power.

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Today’s counterterrorism strategy surfaced as a reaction to violent extremists that use ideology to bind and channel the violence of local armed groups toward transnational objectives. Looking ahead, the proliferation and increased accessibility of disruptive technologies may further level the playing field between state and non-state actors and produce opportunities for the next wave of terrorists. Panelists will examine how the face of terrorism will evolve within the next decades, and if the intelligence community is prepared for what comes next.