Getting Here




Georgetown University offers shuttle services for students, faculty, staff and visitors traveling to and from the university campus and nearby Metrorail stations. The Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS) operates five weekday shuttle routes from 5 a.m. – 12 a.m. daily, connecting the Main and Medical Center Campuses to the following locations:

    Rosslyn Metro (Virginia)
    Dupont Circle Metro (Washington, D.C.)
    Georgetown University Law Center (Washington, D.C.)
    University offices on Wisconsin Avenue (Washington, D.C.)
    Multiple stops in North Arlington (Virginia)

Students, faculty and staff may ride on any GUTS route at no charge with a valid Georgetown University ID card. Georgetown University Hospital physicians, staff and patients may ride the Rosslyn and Dupont shuttles for free with a valid ID. Visitors to the campus may also ride free of charge by showing a picture ID at the time of boarding. Buses with wheelchair lifts are available on all GUTS routes.


Metrobus route G2 stops at the Healy Gate (37th and O Streets, N.W.). The G2 bus connects to the Metro subway at the Dupont Circle Metro station (near 20th and Q Streets, N.W.)

Metrobus route D2 and D6 stops at 38th Street and Reservoir Road, N.W., on the Medical Center side of campus. The D2 and D6 buses connect to the Metro subway at Dupont Circle Metro station.

The Metro subway stations closest to Georgetown University are Dupont Circle station (at 20th & Q Streets, N.W.) and Rosslyn station (located across the Key Bridge in Rosslyn, Va., with entrances at North Moore Street & Wilson Blvd., and on Fort Myer Drive between 19th Street & Wilson Blvd.).

Parking at Georgetown is very limited, but visitor parking is available in the Southwest Garage, located at the entrance off of Canal Road, N.W.

Visit for more detailed parking information. As off-campus (street) parking is hard to find in the Georgetown area, the use of public transportation is strongly encouraged when visiting the university.

Regardless of how you get to Georgetown, we recommend reviewing the campus map prior to arriving. Gaston Hall is located in Healy Hall, just in front of the university’s main gates at 37 & O Streets NW. If you will be parking in the Southwest Garage, taking the GUTS bus to campus, or taking the D2 or D6 buses, budget at least 8-10 minutes to walk to Healy Hall.

Attendee Tips

No food or drink is allowed in Gaston Hall. Lunch will be provided for registered attendees.

Georgetown University encourages freedom of speech and expression. This freedom includes the right to express points of view on the widest range of public and private concerns and to engage in the robust expression of ideas. As is true with society at large, however, this freedom is subject to reasonable restrictions:

  1. The right of free speech and expression does not include unlawful activity or activity that endangers or imminently threatens to endanger the safety of any member of the community or any of the community’s physical facilities, or any activity that disrupts or obstructs the functions of the University or imminently threatens such disruption or obstruction.

  2. Moreover, expression that is indecent or is grossly obscene or grossly offensive on matters such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation is inappropriate in a university community and the University will act as it deems appropriate to educate students violating this principle.

Click here to view the full Georgetown Speech and Expression Policy.