2018 Agenda

Want to see what we’ve done before? Check out last year’s agenda and speakers below.

0800-0900 | Check-In
    Healy Foyer

0900-0910 | Welcome Remarks

  • Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute

  • Dr. Billy Jack, Georgetown Vice Provost for Research

0910-0945 | Conversation with NGA Director Robert Cardillo and David Martin, CBS

0945-1030 | Panel 1: The New Age of Artificial Intelligence 
There are many opportunities for intelligence analysis to leverage AI, algorithms, and automation to further the national security mission. These tools improve tradecraft, levy limited resources to manage the data tsunami, and direct attention to insights that render actionable intelligence. This panel will discuss how science supports security, the role of machine learning, points of resistance, ethical implications, and the relationship between human analysts and machines.

  • Dr. Andrew Brooks, Chief Data Scientist, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  • Dr. Valerie Browning, Defense Sciences Office, DARPA

  • John Doyon, Director of the Office of Data Strategy and Innovation at the National Counterterrorism Center

  • Dr. Meg Leta Jones, Georgetown University Communication, Culture & Technology program

  • Patty Mims, Director of Global National Government, Esri

  • Moderator: Eric Adams, Wired

1030-1045 | Break

1045-1130 | Panel 2: Delivering Advantage to Enable Decision Makers
Combining the tradecraft, science, and humanity of the intelligence profession is only part of the puzzle; this work only has impact if it enables decision-makers to implement policy and take action. This panel gathers leaders and influencers to discuss what kinds of information they find most meaningful, how they determine they have enough information to make a decision, the role of oversight when assessing intelligence, and how to shape the workforce of the future. 

  • Dr. Ben Buchanan, Georgetown University Center for Security Studies

  • Hon. Eric Fanning, President & CEO, Aerospace Industries Association

  • Ellen McCarthy, Vice President of Intelligence and Analytics, Noblis

  • Justin Poole, Deputy Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  • Moderator: Eric Schmitt, New York Times

1130-1245 | Lunch Break
    Copley Lawn
    General attendees

1130-1245 | Lunch Break & Mentoring Session with NGA Leadership
    Copley Formal Lounge
    GU Students Only

1245-1300 | Welcome Back

  • Dr. Keir Lieber, Director, Georgetown University Center for Security Studies

  • Carl Colby, President, Carl Colby Films

1300-1400 | Keynote: Different Perspectives to Acting on Intelligence
    Jane Harman, Director, President, and CEO, Wilson Center

1400-1415 | Break

1415-1500 | Panel 3: The Art of Alternative Thinking
Diversity of thought is an important part of intelligence analysis and methodology. Alternative analysis and red cell tradecraft help decision makers consider a variety of perspectives while balancing multiple possibilities with the need for timeliness. This panel will explore the thought process behind assessing, analyzing, and incorporating new information illustrate the bigger picture, helping define what supports decision advantage and ensures the unfair fight.

  • Richard Girven, Director, Cyber and Intelligence Policy Center, The RAND Corporation

  • Sue Kalweit, Director of Analysis Directorate, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  • Anne Neuberger, Director, National Security Agency/Central Security
    Service Commercial Solutions Center

  • Ned Price, Georgetown University Center for Security Studies.

  • Moderator: Dina Temple-Raston, NPR

1500-1515 | Closing Remarks
    Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute

1500-1700 | Career Fair
    Healey Family Student Center, Social Room
    GU Students Only